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4 Ways to Automate Slack and Simplify Your Day


Slack is rapidly becoming one of the most popular enterprise collaboration apps. As of 2018, it had 8 million+ daily active users globally and was ranked at the 7th position in the list of 10 most popular enterprise apps. Today, a year later, its adoption continues to soar among enterprises.

Used by businesses all over the world, Slack has significantly changed the way people communicate with each other and manage their tasks. It offers enterprises the ability to collaborate in real-time and replace their entire inbox with a single click. Fewer meetings and emails mean more productivity.

In this post, we would like to focus on how you can make the best of Slack with Built.io’s ready-to-use integrations. With Built.io iPaaS, you can extend Slack’s functionality to automate a variety of tasks, save hundreds of man-hours, boost your team’s productivity, and get more done each day.

Here are some of our most popular Slack integrations.

1.  Send Slack notifications, create a Zendesk ticket, send SMS via Nexmo, and update your Salesforce record for every incoming SMS

When a new SMS is received in your Nexmo account, Built.io automatically converts the incoming phone number format to the Salesforce phone number format and retrieves the list of all the leads from your Salesforce account. The ‘Switch’ action then checks whether the customer from whom you received an SMS exists as a lead in your Salesforce account. Here, there are two possibilities:

  • If the lead exists, Built.io creates a ticket in your Zendesk account with high priority status, posts a notification to the specified channel in Slack, and also sends an SMS via Nexmo to the customer to notify them about the status of the issue. It then updates the record of the ticket in your Salesforce account.
  • If the lead does not exist, Built.io creates a ticket in your Zendesk account and sends a notification to the specified Slack channel to notify the agent about the ticket.

Send Slack notifications, create Zendesk ticket, send SMS via Nexmo, and update Salesforce for every incoming SMS

2.  When a new order is paid on Shopify, send a notification in Slack

Each time an order is marked as paid on Shopify, Built.io sends a notification about the order to the specified channel in your Slack account.

Receive real-time notifications in Slack for paid orders on Shopify

3.  Send notifications to a channel in Slack for new tasks in Asana

When a new task is added to a project in your Asana account, Built.io immediately sends a notification to the specified channel in Slack.

Stay updated about new Asana tasks via Slack

4.  Create cards in Trello for new messages posted in Slack containing a particular word

Once you define a specific keyword, such as ‘lead’ or ‘sale’, Built.io watches your Slack account for new messages containing this word. The next time a message is posted with the chosen keyword, Built.io automatically adds that message as a card to a list in your Trello account.

Add cards in Trello for Slack messages containing a keyword

To explore the full list of Slack integrations available in Built.io, log in now or sign up with us. Using these automated workflows, you can easily connect Slack with other third-party applications and create powerful integrations in minutes. Stop switching between multiple screens and get all your business apps in a single place.

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