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4 Essential Workflow Automation Features


“Small companies face several challenges in managing projects too. Finding a flexible tool to connect different departments made it possible to better monitor the whole company’s workflow” - Marco Serraglio, CESCOT Veneto 

Well-said, Marcos Serraglio! This testimonial demonstrates a success recipe for enterprises, big or small. Irrespective of the size, all businesses must focus on ‘connecting the different departments,’ within their organization. A digitally connected business helps streamline communication, saves time, and reduces errors. So how can you go about achieving this? The solution,  is in the quote. 

It is none other than the intelligent workflow automation software, popularly known as an Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS). 

Before you invest into the software, here are some of the features you should look at to make the most out of the iPaaS you choose:

Integration with cloud-based apps 

While choosing a workflow automation tool, the most important feature to consider is seamless integration between all your apps. The software should allow you to connect cloud based apps to other cloud based apps and legacy systems while playing the role of a mediator. 

The main challenge a user who isn’t an integration expert faces is transforming data and building a common format for inputs and outputs. If you connect these applications using an integration platform, the tool will extract the required data from disparate sources, transform the same and load it onto the system giving you the desired outcome without having to code every input and output.

Easy & helpful visual interface

Ease of use and fast on-boarding are key to choosing the right platform for your needs. A platform with a simple and powerful visual interface allows everyone, from amateurs to integration experts to use the chosen platform to the fullest. Also, when you are collaborating with multiple departments, the graphical representation of a workflow makes it easier for everyone involved to understand the end-to-end process, all from the same canvas. 

The interface should also make it convenient to check for errors, rectify them, and perform a live test of the designed workflow. 


Drag and drop tools

Integrating different cloud-based apps is a labyrinthine task. To avoid spending countless hours training the employees on how to create workflows, invest in an intuitive and user-friendly platform, which is simple to understand and easy to use. Choose a software that comes with a visual ‘drag- and- drop’ interface. 

Professional services

If you are planning to invest in iPaaS, make sure that you opt for the vendor who offers a plethora of integration services like:

i) Pay-as-you-go: Look for customizable plans that allow you to pay only for the resources and features you use. 

ii) Cloud-based: The platform should be deployed and monitored on the cloud. 

iii) Ready-to-use platform: Opt for a ready-to-use platform which you can start using without undergoing any complex installation or setup procedure. 

If you choose the right vendor, iPaaS is a technology which can change streamline your organization and drive efficiencies. The productivity will increase and profits will follow. 

If you are looking for an integration partner, send us an email at support-flow@built.io

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