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10 Ways Business People Can Automate And Update Data With Text Operations


Business users rejoice! Built.io Flow Express just introduced a way to automate data formatting and updating text.

There are two main ways you can use the new text operations action:

  1. To format data to the required format for a service (i.e. all lowercase, remove spaces, etc.)
  2. To search through a string of text to find a specific word or to replace a word.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use this new action to get your text formatted correctly using splitting, trimming, matching, replacing, capitalizing and more.

Here’s How It Works

1. Splitting texts

Splitting lets you separate a string of text based on a character like a comma or space. In the example below, the string is split using a comma.

Here’s how it works:


2. Trimming extra spaces in texts 

If your string of text has extra spaces in it, you can use the trim operation to remove extra spaces.

Here’s how it works:


3. Searching and matching texts

This operation searches a string for match that you define. Using match, you can easily search through a string to match a word or phrase.

Here’s how it works:


4. Replacing texts

‘Replace’ means exactly what it sounds like: find and replace words like you may have seen in text editors like Word or Google Docs. This is useful if you have to redact a document or change one word to another but you want to automate the process. Some use cases might include changing team names, dates, etc. Much more efficient.

Here’s how it works:


5. Capitalizing texts

Sometimes the output from a service isn’t capitalized correctly. You can use the capitalize operation to capitalize the first letter of a sentence.

Here’s how it works:


6. Lowercasing texts

If you need to input information in all lowercase, you can use the lowercase operation to convert any string of text to all lowercase.

Here’s how it works:


7. Uppercasing texts

This does the opposite of the lowercase operation. It will convert any string of text into all uppercase.

Here’s how it works:


8. Converting texts to Base64 format

You may run across a service that needs to have a string encoded in Base64. Use the Convert to Base64 operation to quickly convert your text into the correct format.

Here’s how it works:


9. Converting special symbols to HTML entities

Not every character is interchangeable between “normal” text and UTF-8. This means you might have characters like the ampersand (&) look like a random collection of symbols. Use the Escape HTML entities to convert special symbols to their correct HTML entities.

Here’s how it works:


10. Converting HTML entities to special symbols

This operation converts the HTML entities to their respective characters.

Here’s how it works:


Now that you know how the ‘Text Operations’ action works, it’s time to try it out in your Built.io Flow Express workflows. For more information on ‘Text Operations’, click here.

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