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'Entrepreneurship & Innovation' at UC Berkeley with built.io


Last week we visited Ken Singer’s “Entrepreneurship & Innovation” class at UC Berkeley and guest lectured on the topic of MBaaS (Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service) and PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), two components of built.io, raw engineering’s mobile application development platform.  Every student in the room will be competing in this year’s University Mobile Challenge; some will even make it all the way to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress in March, where the final round of competition will take place.

These students go above and beyond, and sometimes outside the mobile device itself, moving into the realm of Internet of Things. Not only are they building apps, they’re building businesses, and will be pitching their cutting edge technological innovations to industry leaders for a chance to win the University Mobile Challenge. As sponsors of the competition, held by The Applied Innovation Institute, we want to ensure that each and every student has access to the best possible tools. Each participating competitor will receive a 1-year free built.io student account for each participating competitor.


The background of the students in the room varied, but the goal was the same: build a viable and technically intriguing business model based on a mobile or IoT application. Some students were developers, a few business people, a handful of designers, and a sprinkling of humanities focused students. With such a diverse group, it’s hard not to create compelling ideas and turn those ideas into applications.


Our lecture was primarily meant to show these students that to get from that great idea to a viable application, you don’t need to spend hours setting up server infrastructure or backend configuration; you can use built.io and get a full-featured app faster than your competition.

If you would like the raw engineering team to visit your classroom and give you a head start with your project, let us know by emailing info@raweng.com.


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