Jul 16 2017

Silicon Valley Digital Firms Launch Digital Accelerator For Sports Teams

The Accelerator is a six-week program that combines the efforts of’s Digital Fan Experience Platform and BeyondCurious’ CatalystGo service, promising to provide “immediate value and impact to participants through actionable insights, design concepts, prototypes and demos.” The Digital Fan Experience Platform was recently created to help teams foster a closer connection with their fans by incorporating new technologies and using data to increase revenue.

Jul 14 2017

A blueprint for a green and connected city

How will the cities of today become the green spaces of tomorrow? Quite frankly, those that embrace technology and citizen activism will lead the next wave of the world’s greenest cities.

Jul 13 2017 and BeyondCurious Launch Industry-First Joint Digital Accelerator Program at Preeminent Sports Technology Conference SEAT

CEOs Neha Sampat and Nikki Barua Lead Panel about Future of Digital Sports Fan Experiences Alongside Marquee Customers Miami HEAT and Sacramento Kings

Jul 11 2017

FlytBase Releases the World’s First Internet of Drones Platform

FlytBase has partnered with to provide ready integration of drones with hundreds of business apps, such as Salesforce, Box, Slack, Twilio, Cisco Webex Teams, Zendesk, Dropbox, Nest, and YouTube. “This allows users to easily build automated workflows, that leverage drones as part of the solution, without writing any code,” says FlytBase.

Jun 28 2017

Connected sports venues: Futuristic microcosms of smart cities

Cities should look to connected sports venues as an example for their possible future.

Jun 28 2017

7 keys to structuring your Node.js app

Keep these considerations in mind to make your Node.js app easy to debug, easy to maintain, and easy to scale.

Jun 16 2017

Tech takes the field

Stadiums are getting "smart" — and none is more high tech than the Sacramento Kings Golden 1 Center, which opened this fall. Sacramento Kings owner Vivek Ranadivé describes the venue as the 'Tesla of sports stadiums.'

Jun 16 2017

Stadiums are getting smarter — and giving ticket-holders their money's worth

The Golden 1 Center is leading a nationwide trend. Cloud start-ups and VenueNext work with arenas and stadiums to help them leverage the power of big data and to give visitors mobile apps to help them get their money's worth.

Jun 09 2017

How Integration Delivers and Directs Realtime Data in IoT Workflows

A growing number of companies want to improve the realtime access to their far-flung data. That said, many have trouble achieving this goal. Today, IoT solutions using cloud integration hold some keys to unlocking the promise of realtime for all sorts of projects.’s CTO Nishant Patel explains the technology approach – and use cases.

Jun 08 2017

AI and LiDar and drones, oh my!: The tech shaping city growth

"Before now, everyone was very concerned about keeping their data in their department," said Parthiv Patel, technical marketing manager of, a software company with multiple products that smart cities utilize.

May 25 2017 Connects Fan Experience With New Platform

“The opportunities over time as we learn more about fans are endless,” Sampat said. “There’s a real important transformation taking place between the physical world and the digital world, which makes these stadium and arena projects so interesting to us.”

May 24 2017 launches new digital experience platform for sports fans

Neha Sampat, CEO of, said that the timing of this platform release is ideal because every sports brand is seeking ways to improve the overall fan experience. Sports brands can access the personal data of fans who opt in to monetize the experience through what is offered, whether it's merchandise, food, or upgraded tickets.

May 23 2017 formally announces sports-app business

Of the two market leaders,’s platform-based approach to app building — where third-party components for features like wayfinding and parking can be added via an API structure — is more like VenueNext’s, though YinzCam also has the ability to add third-party components as needed. The challenge for all stadium- and team-app builders, as well as for venue owners and teams, is to get fans to download and use the apps, so that teams can take advantage of the opportunities afforded by digitally connected customers.

May 23 2017 Launches Digital Fan Experience Platform

Now, sports franchises around the world have access to the same award-winning platform from that helped NBA teams like the Sacramento Kings become Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Company in Sports,” and the Miami HEAT future-proof its physical and digital technology investments.

May 23 2017 Launches Digital Fan Experience Platform To Accelerate Digital Transformation Across Sports Industry Partners With Leading Sports Franchises To Deliver VIP Digital Experiences, Boosting Fan Loyalty And Unlocking New Revenue Opportunities

May 22 2017

Best Practices for Mobile App Infrastructure: APIs, Microservices and More

If you haven’t begun (or completed) a transformation to REST APIs and microservices, get started right away.

May 18 2017's Innovative Approach to Sports Applications Nets Them an Appy Award® – a technology provider with digital solutions that enable organizations to quickly create, connect and scale applications across mobile, web and IoT – today announced that its Sacramento Kings + Golden 1 Center App won an Appy Award under the "Sports App" category.

May 11 2017

10 JavaScript concepts Node.js programmers must master

Want to build efficient and scalable Node.js apps? Learn how to make JavaScript work for—not against—you

Apr 27 2017

Here’s When This CEO Takes on Her Hardest Tasks

Over the years, I’ve found my power hours are from 5 to 8 a.m., during which I will knock out thought-intensive tasks and mentally prepare for the day ahead.

Apr 27 2017

6 ways platform-as-a-service is giving developers superpowers

A proper, stable PaaS can be a breath of fresh air. When we launched PaaS as a feature in Backend in October 2013, it enabled both our internal teams and developers. Any developer could now build a fully automated application — frontend, backend and mobile — on their own.

Apr 26 2017

Five things to know about the future of microservices and IoT

Soon enough, it will become hard to remember the time when enterprises did not by default turn to microservices. With the rise of IoT, there’s a perfect storm brewing that will push microservices into new and traditional industries. The benefits are high, the risk is low and the savings in terms of cost and resources make this one a no-brainer.

Apr 24 2017

Industry 4.0 is the blueprint for the future of IT

When you think about IT's future, you probably don’t think about factories. But the evolution of something called Industry 4.0 may be the model for IT's future strategy.

Apr 24 2017

Global Mobile Backend as a Service (BaaS) Market Research Report 2017

The report focuses on global major leading industry players with information such as company profiles, Products, Services and Solutions, revenue, market share and contact information.

Apr 11 2017 Recognized in 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service® – a technology provider with digital solutions that enable organizations to quickly create, connect and scale applications across mobile, web and IoT – today announced it is placed in the March 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

Apr 11 2017

Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service

Application leaders responsible for integration are being tasked with integrating hybrid application portfolios as well as providing easy access to the data within those systems. This Magic Quadrant can be used to assess the ability of integration PaaS vendors to meet these rapidly evolving needs.

Mar 14 2017

NBA Mobile Apps Shoot And Score With MBaaS

When the NBA’s Sacramento Kings looked to build their state-of-the-art arena, the organization turned to to build a mobile app centered around the fans, allowing them to literally connect with the arena.

Mar 09 2017

A building for the future: Tech shines through at Sacramento’s new Golden 1 Center

The good news for the Kings is that they based their stadium and team app on a new flexible platform from a company called, which the Kings say allows for easier addition (or deletion) of services through an API layer. Like the future-proof parts of the building itself, the app also shows the Kings’ dedication to building something now that will almost certainly change going forward.

Mar 06 2017

Miami HEAT Selects BeyondCurious and to Launch New Fan Experience

With, sports franchises and venues can transcend the physical and digital boundaries to engage fans in unprecedented and highly innovative ways.

Mar 06 2017

Miami Heat getting an assist from agile methodology to create new mobile app is providing the underlying technology for the app, which will debut before the 2017-2018 basketball season. The app uses the database application and the application structure, and will manage all the team's content. is working with digital transformation accelerator BeyondCurious to design the app.

Mar 06 2017

Miami HEAT Selects BeyondCurious and to Launch New Fan Experience

The Miami HEAT are leaders in mobile innovation, and BeyondCurious' proven methodology for accelerating innovation will take our mobile fan engagement to a higher level.'s platform, meanwhile, will allow us to future-proof our investment and prepare for tomorrow's technology requirements.

Mar 05 2017

Headless CMS Supplements Traditional Web Content Management

Driven by RESTful APIs, a headless content management system (CMS) can run in parallel with traditional web content management systems (WCMSes) to deliver content to users who are leaving the desktop behind in favor of mobile-devices.

Feb 12 2017 sparks innovation with new Community platform and Internet of APIs Awards

“All of that together is enabling a much bigger community of people who are now genuinely integrating and developing for their own needs,” said Baier. “It’s not just IT; it’s happening across the board, and we want to nudge that along.”

Feb 12 2017 pushes developers to foster collaboration, creativity among integrators, while offering incentives

The Community will consist of technical and semi-technical users who understand the power of automation and integration. Community members will benefit from networking with like-minded integration experts and citizen integrators who care about automation, bots, the Internet of Things (IoT), headless Content Management Systems (CMS), Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS), DevOps and more.

Feb 12 2017 Announces Dedicated Developer Community and Inaugural Awards Program, Ushering in a New Wave of Innovation for Users Community and the Internet of APIs Awards Help Foster Collaboration and Creativity Among Like-Minded Integration Experts and Citizen Integrators.

Jan 29 2017

Why 2017 Is the Year of Cloud-First Headless CMS

The whole CMS industry is facing a huge change, whether we like it or not. Today, the industry is still in the denial phase of the change as traditional vendors are caught unprepared. They try to catch up by adding headless functionality and offering managed or PaaS cloud hosting, but the results look like using duct tape to fix your bumper.

Jan 28 2017

Meetings and Marketing Meet: Three Ways Events Are Becoming Central to an Overall Marketing Effort

Other options for planners are integration platform-as-a-service products such as, providing solutions to more easily integrate a wide range of software systems into CRM and marketing automation tools. Features include workflow maps, ties to enterprise collaboration tools such as Cisco Webex Teams or Slack, data mapping, activity triggers for complex workflows, mobile app integration, API builders, API debugging and testing tools and more. In essence, they make the process of integrating modern software products much simpler.

Dec 30 2016

Blockchain, IoT, chatbots, and connected finance: predicts 2017

Blockchain will play an integral role in improving IoT security, Massive shakeups the bitcoin developer community will further complicate the technology, Chatbots will become so mainstream we’ll stop chatting about them...

Dec 20 2016

Here are the biggest IoT security threats facing the enterprise in 2017

In the next year we'll start to see more security-oriented measures put in place for IoT, and blockchain will play an integral role in that.

Dec 19 2016 Adds On-Premises Deployment And DevOps Services To Its Cloud Integration Platform Flow

In order to operate and manage Flow On-Prem, offers complementary DevOps services to scale and continuously optimize the environment.

Dec 19 2016 Flow adds on-premises deployment, DevOps services for improved cloud integration announced Monday that its Flow On-Prem, a new deployment option and architecture for its integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) Flow. By adding an on-prem offering to Flow Enterprise, the company can deliver a wide architectural range including the option to retain end-to-end control over the entire integration environment.

Dec 19 2016 iPaaS Grounds Itself To Serve On-Premises Customers

The on-premises availability may also benefit developers who would like to have more control over the stack via the on-premises deployment. Developers who use the new on-premises option may find it easier to implement new features or make custom changes to their development platform.

Dec 19 2016 adds on premises deployment and DevOps services

In order to operate and manage Flow On-Prem, offers complementary DevOps services to scale and continuously optimize the environment, effectively delivering the convenience of a fully-managed integration stack within the security perimeter of a private cloud or customer datacenter.

Dec 15 2016

The Ultimate Guide for Headless Content Management Systems

First things first, what is a headless CMS? It is an approach rather than a technology. At a very simplistic level, conventional content management systems are rigid when it comes to adding new delivery formats, like a mobile app or web-based applications, developed outside of the CMS platform into the website as these platforms take care of the entire web experience. So the solution was, figuratively speaking, chopping off the “head” to give more flexibility. The head here, represents the presentation of the content and the website, in other words that is the front-end, whereas the rest of the body is a metaphor for the back-end.

Dec 18 2016 Makes Available On-Premises Edition of iPaaS

Several integration services capable of being invoked via the cloud have emerged over the past several years. Some of those services has been aimed at professional developers, while others are designed with end users who want to stitch applications together on their own in mind. Now, one of the pioneers of the latter capability is moving to make its core software available on-premises as well as in the cloud.

Dec 18 2016® Adds On-Premises Deployment And DevOps Services To Its Cloud Integration Platform Flow™

By default, Flow operates 100 percent in the cloud – nothing to install locally, nothing to maintain. For hybrid integration architectures, an Enterprise Gateway allows to securely connect cloud-based systems to on-premises systems. With the new Flow On-Prem, customers now have the additional option of a 100 percent on-premises architecture.

Dec 12 2016 Selected to Join Exclusive Springboard Expert Network of Top, Women-Led Organizations

As a member of Springboard, has the advantage of working closely with the Springboard Advisory Program, designed to surround each selected company with a team of relevant experts to help them achieve their vision for growth.

Nov 20 2016

The DZone Guide to Integration, Microservices, APIs, and Platforms® Flow included in DZone's 2016 Guide to Integration: Microservices, APIs, and Platforms. This research looks at how the world of integration brings the availability of data to new levels and helps make it possible for anyone, anywhere to get access to information they never had before.

Nov 16 2016® Contentstack™ Beefs Up Performance, Security and Mobile Features with Fully Redesigned Architecture for Its Headless CMS Triples CMS Business with Strong Growth in Europe - Marquee Customers Include PhotoBox and Competec

Oct 04 2016 launches an IFTTT for business users

With Flow, has long offered an integration tool that allowed technical users (think IT admins and developers) to create complex, multi-step integrations with the help of an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. Now, however, the company has also launched a more basic version of Flow that is aimed at business users who want to create IFTTT-like integrations between applications like Cisco Webex Teams, Slack, Gmail, Marketo and Salesforce. To clarify the difference between the two services, the old version of Flow is now Flow Enterprise, while this new one is branded as Flow Express.

Oct 03 2016 Launches Integration-as-a-Service for Non-Tech Staff Flow Express brings drag-and-drop data integration functionality to line-of-business users within an enterprise to create workflow automation models.

Sep 27 2016

New® Flow Express™ Delivers Drag-and-Drop Integration to the Masses, Finally Allowing Business and IT Departments to Collaborate on Workflow Automation Flow Express complements's existing integration offering (which is being rebranded as® Flow Enterprise™) to provide the first end-to-end integration suite that makes it possible for users with varying technical skills to collaborate on workflow automation. By using tools that offer appropriate capabilities for each audience, workflows can be exchanged and optimized across both business and IT functions.

Sep 18 2016

Sacramento Kings Launch New App to Serve as “Remote Control” for World’s Most Advanced Arena

Today, the Sacramento Kings and Golden 1 Center announced a first-of-its-kind dual application, available soon for free download in the App Store and Google Play. The app is a new platform to experience the technologically-enhanced features in Golden 1 Center, and to provide fans with a channel to receive team updates and information. This original approach to a multifaceted app was created in partnership with industry-leading digital technology provider and designed by Webby Award-winning digital creative agency M&C Saatchi LA.

Sep 18 2016

Sacramento Kings app lets you hail an Uber and query a Facebook Messenger bot

The app, which will be available later today, came from a partnership with, and M&C Saatchi LA designed the experience. It gives you access to real-time information and offers personalized access.

Sep 18 2016 Powers Sacramento Kings + Golden 1 Center App, Bringing World's Smartest Arena to Life's technology provides fans with twice as many updates as competitors; ensures ultimate fan experience with easy-to-use platform

Sep 08 2016

Google to Acquire API Management Provider Apigee for $625 Million

Google has announced that it intends to purchase the API management platform Apigee for $625 million. Matthew Baier, COO of shared his thoughts on this acquisition, stating that, “This will likely trigger further proliferation of APIs across Google's ecosystem. It's a great sign for the API economy and that it's doing well and growing."

Sep 07 2016

How IoT can create smarter airports

Airports are some of the most time-critical locations in the world, and for an executive at digital solution provider, the Internet of Things could be the trigger that will bring the efficiencies that travellers have sought for years.

Sep 05 2016

Cisco doesn’t want Webex Teams to be like Slack. Here’s why

Further, the company has formed partnerships with Gupshup,, and to reach tens of thousands of developers and bring hundreds of app integrations to the Webex Teams platform. The Gupshup and platforms will let people quickly make Cisco Webex Teams bots.

Sep 05 2016

Compass Intelligence Announces Winners Honoring the Top Companies in Mobile, IoT, Wearables, Applications, and Green Technology

There is a growing competitive spirit in the technology markets today, and Compass Intelligence is proud to recognize as one of a select number of companies who have achieved best-in-class solutions and products, innovation, and an overall positive impact to the environment.

Aug 15 2016 Flow Wins Gold Stevie® in 2016 International Business Awards for Best New B2B Product

The judges were impressed with Flow's user interface, which handles complexities in ways that its competitors cannot. They recognized how Flow benefits organizations across multiple departments by connecting all kinds of disparate systems.

Aug 11 2016 Launches Customizable MBaaS for Application Developers

Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) provider this week announced Backend 3.0, the latest release of its platform, which provides developers with a customizable environment for building mobile applications.

Aug 10 2016

Real World Problems Being Solved With Integration of Data and Applications

Clients demand real-time ingestion and analysis of data to provide an excellent customer experience.

Aug 10 2016 seeks to break perceived MBaaS performance limitations

MBaaS has been praised as a way to get mobile apps up and running fast, without having to make serious database configurations. But now, users want that database control back.

Aug 08 2016 Introduces First Customizable MBaaS for App Developers Backend 3.0 presents a pluggable architecture for more robust security, better app performance and greater control over data.

Aug 09 2016

Technical Solutions Used For Application and Data Integration

Open Source was mentioned most frequently, though others were mentioned as well.

Aug 07 2016

Keys To Integrating Applications and Data

To gather insights on the state of application and data integration, we spoke with 18 executives from 15 companies who are involved in the integration of applications and data.

Jul 20 2016

How to build a multilingual chatbot for billions of users

The bots we hear about are primarily built and designed for the U.S. market or Asia, however. That’s unfortunate. If you don’t speak English, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, you’ll be pretty disappointed with the bots you find on the market.

Jul 17 2016

New products of the week 7.18.16 Flow makes building enterprise integrations easier. The Activity Builder allows organizations to instantly add new services to their integration library. The Data Mapper enables data transformation between heterogeneous systems.

Jul 15 2016

Chatbots are the next evolutionary step for robots

Bots are only as useful as the services they are integrated with, and their purpose is essentially automation — that is, creating and executing actions based upon a set of criteria.

Jul 12 2016 Releases New Functionality to its Flow iPaaS Integration Solution has released a number of new features to its Flow Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) which creates workflows and automates business processes for connected sensors, devices, systems and applications across mobile, web and IoT.

Jul 11 2016 Flow Bridges Glaring Gap Between Zapier and MuleSoft to Deliver Instant Integration for ISVs and Enterprises Unveils New Features, Customer Wins and Partnerships for Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) Flow

Jul 10 2016 Flow makes building enterprise integrations easier

In this new version, the company is making it easier for businesses to build their own integration endpoints for services that aren’t in Flow’s database yet. This new Activity Builder also now allows organizations to use the service for their private internal APIs.

Jul 06 2016

Macadamian and Unveil Internet of Things (IoT) ‘Connected Conference Room’ at Microsoft Partner Conference

Integrated conference room solution uses consumer-friendly Philips Hue connected lightbulbs with enterprise-grade integration platform Flow to create a unique and valuable business meeting experience.

Jul 05 2016

The Event Guys Launches "Integration Platform as a Service" for the Meeting & Event Industry

Powered by Flow, Meeting and Event Planners Can Now Connect Disparate Systems into Complete End-to-End Solutions.

Jul 04 2016

The Big Merge – How Can Companies Navigate Tech Consolidation?

IT is in a state of constant reinvention, and one-stop shops for all software applications are becoming rare. What should companies look for when evaluating new technologies?

Jun 20 2016

Sex vs. tech: More than a third of working Americans prefer better work tech over a better sex life

Opting for a better way to automate routine work tasks over a better sex life was the preference of more than a third of adults who took a survey commissioned by and Wakefield Research. The June 2016 survey asked 1,026 working Americans ages 18 or older which was more important.

Jun 21 2016 Survey Reveals 37% of Americans Would Opt for Better Automation at Work Over a Better Sex Life

The survey, developed in conjunction with Wakefield Research, revealed how Americans view the importance of automation, the future of connected cars and the value of drones. More than 1 in 3 (37%) working Americans prefer having a better way to automate all their routine work tasks, such as booking meetings, than have a better sex life – 44% of those were women and 30% were men.

May 25 2016

Editors' Choice: Flow Cloud Integration Platform

The editors at SearchSOA regularly recognize SOA, enterprise architecture, application integration and modernization technologies for their innovation and market impact. Flow, a cloud integration platform, is our new Editors' Choice for Innovation selection.

Apr 21 2016

Architecting for Failure

Today, there are many organizations that embrace the cloud in the belief that they are automatically shielded from infrastructure-related issues or that they are "just handled" by their cloud provider without impacting an application’s functionality. Although this can be the case for some incidents, there are many failures you still need to account for in your application design.

Apr 14 2016

CIO Review, DevOps Changes Everything: From Your Body to the Government

DevOps is not a new concept. In fact, a DevOps engineer is often thought of as the evolution of the old-school system administrator and/or a database administrator.

Apr 11 2016

R.I.P. MBaaS — Long Live BaaS

The Mobile Backend-as-a-Service field grew out of a very specific need: developers needed to build mobile applications fast. It was as simple as that.

Apr 11 2016

Why All Business Leaders Should Start Thinking Like Sommeliers

Creating and running a business can be trying. You are faced with adversities on a daily basis and are forced to make decisions that affect the future of your company. There are many parallels between a business and a good bottle of wine.

Apr 10 2016

When Did Bots Become A Good Thing?

Like hacking, bots used to be a largely negative technology term. As hacking evolved into positively charged developer hackathons and web ‘mashup’ hacks, the term shook off much of its malevolent image.

Apr 04 2016

Lessons in Software and App Coding From the Next Generation

In the face of a critical software developer talent shortage, there appears to be a glimmer of hope resting among the emerging generation of software developers. And the way these young developers approach app coding and development may hold valuable lessons for the older generation of software professionals.

Mar 24 2016

The Internet of Things - A Huge Opportunity, Wrapped in Risk

The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) represents a huge opportunity for today’s enterprises but also poses risks.

Mar 10 2016 Wants to Challenge Drupal and WordPress With Its Headless CMS offers a number of services for enterprises, including a mobile backend service and an integration platform. In addition, it also offers Contentstack, a headless content management service (CMS) that aims to challenge the likes of WordPress and Drupal in the enterprise.

Mar 08 2016

On Wine And Tech With's Neha Sampat

She’s one of the new breed of successful tech entrepreneurs with the company she co-founded, application development platform, But what was it that prompted company co-founder and CEO Neha Sampat to become a certified wine sommelier – and how has having this unusual “extracurricular” provided a boost for her own entrepreneurial career?

Feb 24 2016 Increases Depth and Scope of Cloud Integration Service

Not too long ago application integration was a process that needed to be planned out over a period of months. But with the rise of new classes of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) environments specifically designed for integration, many end users are now playing a much bigger role in application integration.

Feb 23 2016 Tackles the ‘Necessary Evil’ of Integration

Integration has been perceived like a mortar between bricks, or like the commas in my sentences — small, but very noticeable, connections chaining together components that may or may not belong together.

Feb 19 2016 Flow Update Includes Over 400 New Integrations, a mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) and enterprise application development platform provider, has announced a major update of its integration platform Flow that includes general availability of the Enterprise Gateway, Slack Chat Bot integration, the addition of a Realtime API Listener, and over 400 new integrations.

Feb 18 2016 Unveils Major Feature Enhancements, Adds Hundreds of Integrations to Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) Flow

Less than 48 hours after winning the 2016 DeveloperWeek award for "Best API Infrastructure Technology," Flow unveils groundbreaking new features for its integration platform Flow.

Dec 11 2015 Now Wired into Cisco Webex Teams for Third-Party Connectivity

Keeping teams organized throughout the app development process can be a challenge, often requiring one platform to send messages, another for conducting virtual meetings, and a separate software for task management. This approach can become unwieldy when working with larger teams, particularly those spread across time zones.

Dec 08 2015 Unveils Integrations for Newly Announced Cisco APIs

The Cisco Webex Teams application makes teamwork simpler by bringing teams together instantly in virtual rooms where members can send messages, share files, and meet face-to-face, all in one place. Flow is a cloud-based platform designed to integrate IT systems with ease. Now, Flow users can extend Webex Teams capabilities into any business process and foster stronger team collaboration.

Dec 03 2015

Aragon Research Announces the Winners of the Hot Vendor and Innovation Awards, 2015

Aragon research, a technology-focused research and advisory firm committed to providing thought -leading strategic research and trusted advisory services, held its first-ever awards ceremony for its 2015 Hot Vendors and 2015 Innovators. wins Aragon Research award for Best Technology Innovator in Mobile 2015.

Nov 13 2015 Flow Enters iPaaS Space with Support for IoT, Granular ‘Connectors,’ and a Low-Cost Pricing Model is expanding its cloud-based portfolio with an iPaaS (Integration Platform-as-a-Service) option. Flow sports at least two eye-catching features: special support for integrating Internet of Things projects and a new low-cost pricing model.

Nov 10 2015

The World's Smartest Cities: What IoT and Smart Governments Will Mean for You

One of the next big targets of the digital age is the city. The combination of technology paired with physical infrastructure and services can simplify the lives of residents. That's the promise of the "smart city."

Oct 16 2015

Developers Are the New Conductors

We’re now on to fourth- and fifth-generation programming languages, all built on higher layers of abstraction so we can spend less time with the mechanics of code and more with the problems we want to solve.

Sep 16 2015

As Interest Grows, Container Management Features Still Missing

Container management tools have become a hot topic, but how necessary are they? It depends on who you ask. Nishant Patel, CTO, talks about how the containers that runs limit the need for elaborate workload orchestration and placement tools.

Sep 14 2015 and its Automated Pipeline for Connecting Apps with Custom Logic

Integrating services to form a more consistent development workflow not only helps developers, but those outside of the realm of programming as more solutions to addressing the needs of complex workflows are presented.

Sep 08 2015 Flow Bolsters Enterprise Integration-as-a-Service Flow exits beta with several hundred preconfigured integrations to enterprise software packages and services—from commerce, marketing, and productivity platforms such as, Marketo, Slack, and Stripe to cloud computing and database platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Oracle, and SAP.

Sep 08 2015 Unveils Game Changer for Enterprise Integration With Flow Flow Selected by Sacramento Kings to Create World's Smartest Arena. Flow allows any developer – and even non-developers – to connect software, systems, sensors and devices. Anything with a digital heartbeat and an API can now participate in automating business processes, boost the capabilities of mobile applications and enable faster innovation across the business.

Aug 17 2015

Know Your Real-Time Protocols for IoT Apps

Real-time communication technology is an absolute requirement for the development of Internet of things (IoT) applications. Imagine the use case where your phone communicates with your lights. If it takes several seconds before your lights turn on, that’s a failed user experience.

Aug 05 2015

When to Use Containers or Virtual Machines, and Why

Kurt Collins, Developer Evangelist, discusses when to use containers or virtual machines, and what to factor in when making that decision.

Aug 04 2015

A Case for Making It Easier to Personalize IoT Devices

Arguably the first Internet of Things (IoT) device in the modern era, the The Trojan Room Coffee Pot was developed in a computer laboratory at the University of Cambridge. Three times a minute, a computer program would upload an image showing the amount of coffee left in the pot to the university's server.

Jul 16 2015 Releases API-Driven CMS, Contentstack

Originally, Contentstack was made available to customers as requested, but new features have warranted the product being made available more generally, explains COO Matthew Baier.

Jul 02 2015

Cloud Applications Are Becoming Easier To Build

Initial forays into this space for the software application development teams performing this work were extremely intricate and difficult jobs. If you wanted to roll out a cloud service (you could call it a ‘cloud app’ if you like), you would need to build custom-aligned backend database services, sign-on controls and a variety of ‘push’ services to service the application itself.

Jun 29 2015

Taking Enterprise Mobile Development Beyond the Essentials

After years of re-creating a supporting back-end every time we built a product for a new client, we developed Backend to accelerate our development cycles and reduce the risk normally associated with building innovative solutions that rely on cutting edge technology.

Jun 12 2015

Techies Want What Money Can’t Buy: To Be Certified Sommeliers

The tech elite can usually snap up whatever toys they want — private jets, fast cars, expensive vacations. But a new crowd of tech workers wants something that money can’t buy, and yet gives them ultimate bragging rights: a small shiny pin that marks them as a wine expert.

Jun 08 2015

Real-Time and Mobile Backend-as-a-Service: Revolutionizing the IoT

Kurt Collins, Developer Evangelist, explains why an mBaaS solution with realtime is the perfect solution to quickly build micro-services around clusters of IoT-connected devices.

May 12 2015 mBaaS Platform Adds New Real-Time Capabilities

Using APIs and SDKs, developers can build cross-platform applications for enterprises that include real-time features and leverage built-in functionality of the platform such as geolocation, analytics, social integration, and more.

May 10 2015

The Pipeline Isn’t the Problem: Dissecting the Real Gender Bias in Tech Positions

While companies like Apple and Microsoft are throwing millions at colleges and programs claiming pipeline problems, the equally essential people who make Silicon Valley operate tend to get left out of the conversation, and women are losing out.

Apr 26 2015

Speaker Profile:’s Neha Sampat Wants to Connect the World With Drag And Drop counts increasingly large companies among its users, including McAfee and VMware, the latter of which used to develop an app that can scale to 2,000 application programming interface requests per second.

Mar 23 2015

How to Scale Your Killer Mobile App

When you do start thinking seriously about scale, you’ll want to pay the most attention to your database; it’s the main bottleneck.

Mar 16 2015

Tech Stars: 40 Under 40 Class of 2015 CEO, Neha Sampat, named San Francisco Business Times 40 Under 40.

Mar 16 2015

Is it time for CIOs to Step Up and Rule the Digital World?

To help gain a view of the digital customer, some enterprises are expanding the C-suite to include a chief digital officer, chief data officer, chief analytics officer, chief marketing technologist, chief experience officer and the list goes on. But have businesses had the answer all along in the CIO?

Feb 18 2015

The Internet of APIs

The Internet moves at the speed of light. Not only that, but the terminology used when describing The Internet seems to change with the tides. One of the newest phrases to start making the rounds is “The Internet of APIs.”

Jan 18 2015

App Developers in Highly Connected IoT World Must Take New Tack

With potentially billions of devices connected over the Internet, developers must first look at the issue of connectivity before anything else.